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All objects with temperature above 0 Kelvin (absolute zero) emit thermal radiation in infrared spectrum and the amount of energy increases with temperature increase. IR radiation is invisible for the human eye but can be converted in visible image by the thermal detector and electronics integrated in a thermovision camera. In addition, thermography cameras allow to read temperature values from the image.

Thermal cameras visualize temperature differences and they are not influenced by the light conditions. GuardIR thermal systems can detect potential intruders in total darkness, light fog and through smoke. Thermal cameras are used also during daylight to detect persons trying to hide in vegetation or low contrast places. This makes them perfect for 24/7 surveillance.
Image taken with a normal visual camera                                          Image of the same scene taken with a thermal camera
Standard visible cameras can not see in poor light conditions without additional laser or IR lamps/LEDs illuminators, but in this case we have short ranges, lot of reflections and shadows, high power consume, narow FOV and low contrast target. 

Can a thermal camera see through fog? 
Bellow you can see the difference between images taken for same scene, at same time, in same conditions. With a thermal camera you can see better hot targets through light fog, light rain and light snow.  
Image taken with a normal visual camera                                          Image of the same scene taken with a thermal camera

Can a thermal camera see through vegetation? 
The answer at this question is not simple. If there is not a direct sighting line from target to camera, the answer is NO, but if a person/animal is hidden in vegetation we have better chances to find it with a thermal camera.  
Image taken with a normal visual camera                                          Image of the same scene taken with a thermal camera
It is very hard to detect the person hidden in vegetation with a normal visual camera because of the low contrast difference between person and vegetation. Thermal cameras provide a high contrast between person and surrounding. More, the ISO function from GuardIR systems highlights with a contrast colour the hottest objects from the scene.  
How far can you see with a thermal camera? 
This is one of the frecquently asked questions and again, the answer is no simple because we need to take into consideration:
- target dimensions;
(Big targets can be detected from longer distance: see target HUMAN, target CAR and target MOON ....)
- temperature difference between target and surrounding;
(Higher difference offers a higher contrast in the image)

- atmosferic conditions;
(fog, rain, snow, smoke reduce a lot detection range)
DRI distances mentioned in this website are for:
- detection distance (2px/m),
- recognition distance (8px/m)
- identification distance (16px/m)
- temperature difference 5°C
- 20Km visibility
- 50% probability 

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